Oct. 10th, 2013

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First of all: THANK YOU, amazing yulegoat, for signing up to write one of the tiny beloved fandoms of my heart! I hope that you will have a good time writing for me, and that your Yuletide will be full of joy and fannish delight! Or failing that, that at least my requests aren't already driving you to default in despair. But fingers crossed you'll have fun, and if there is ever a question in your heart as to whether you should fulfill some nitpicking optional detail in my request or write the story you have dreamed of writing since you offered the fandom, go with the story of your dreams, because if you love writing it, I'm sure I'll love reading it! This letter is just to give some additional guidance in case you want it; it's not meant to make things harder for you, and you should feel free to ignore the whole thing if you'd prefer.

That said, some general likes and dislikes:

Basically, I would prefer a happy ending. I want everybody to be happy or at least not overtly miserable at the end of the fic. They can suffer and be angsty in the beginning or middle but please please please let the ending be sunshine and rainbows or the promise of sunshine and rainbows on the not-too-distant horizon. I'm also happy to get a fic that's 100% fluffy sunshine and rainbows all the way through. I like characters bantering with each other and goofing off and being total dorks! And I love love love characters showing how much they love each other. It can be romantic, it can be familial, it can be friendship, but give me people who really care about each other and worry and hover and bully in a loving manner and just generally want to make each other happy. Also? Cuddling. I am a fan.

Other things that I like! Crazy AUs are always great. Want to write the fic where they're ice-skaters or porn stars or hookers or college students? Feel the urge to bring your fandom to work with you for a day? GO FOR IT! Reach into that box of cliches and pull one out at random if you feel like it, because I eat them up like candy. That said! I also really like stuff that stays super close to canon, but I am a tiny bit picky about things being accurate if you go this route. (I know, right? Anyone who's this into lunatic Alternate Universes has no ground to be fussing about canon compliance.) But anyway, if you are very familiar with the fandom and you're comfortable writing something that sticks obsessively close to canon, I love that too. Seriously, I like it when people put footnotes on their fic so I can check their references. I'm weird like that.

Things I don't like: pretty small list. No deathfic, please. No super-intense wrist-slashing angst, non-con or dub-con. No woman-bashing. No gay-bashing. If difficult topics like internalized misogyny or homophobia or racism are part of the canon or you want to explore them, don't feel like you need to white-wash anything, but do it carefully, okay? (I know it seems like that should go without saying but JUST IN CASE.) I'm a bit of a grammar nazi (I know, it's a character flaw) so if that's something you know you have issues with, get a beta to give it a quick scrub. :)

my requests: blurred lines sexy boys parody, north and south, the outlaws of sherwood, some girls, tennis rpf )

Most importantly of all: HAVE FUN!


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