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I'm so sleepy, and yet I also really want to make chocolate cookies! But instead I am here making a post for September Recs, such is my dedication to the cause. [ profile] idhren24 asked for crossovers, but I'm not super into crossover fic, so I have decided to interpret this as crossover vids! I had a time and a half getting the list of my favorite crossover vids down to just five, let me tell you. So many delightful vids out there!

The Lightning Strike, by [ profile] obsessive24 [Kings, Merlin, Alexander]
An absolutely masterful job marrying together the stories of David and Jonathan, Merlin and Arthur, and Alexander and Hephaistion. I've never seen a vid that used external sources like this -- the slow pan around the Michelangelo statue of David was especially cool! And the way the cinematography is used to point out parallels is really stunning, too. Every time I watch the clip of Hephaistion's ring falling and then Arthur's torch, I get chills.

I Enjoy Being A Girl, by [ profile] absolutedestiny [Alias, Buffy, Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly]
I think this is one of the more accessible vids I've ever watched; I remember trying to show my mom a few vids several years ago, and this is the only one she really "got". You don't have to be fully conversant in the idiom of vidding to appreciate girls kicking ass! I really enjoy that Veronica Mars is included, even though she doesn't kick ass in the conventional manner. Intellectual ass-kicking still counts!

Needs, by [ profile] tearful_eye [Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha]
The cinematography! SO GORGEOUS.

Starships, by [ profile] bironic [Scifi Films and Television]
This is possibly the best vid to work out to that I've discovered so far. So bouncy! So inspiring! So full of spaceships! The external shots of various ships are total nostalgia bait and they work, god damn it. Now I'm having feels about all the Star Trek series.

Destiny Calling, by [ profile] charmax [Superhero Films]
This was made in 2006, before the explosion of Marvel comics movies, and I think it's really interesting to see all the superhero movies that show up here! And it's [ profile] charmax, so the fact that the technical details and artistic vision of the vid are amazing goes without saying. Love how seamlessly animated source material is integrated into live action.


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