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highlights of the Hockey RPF Holiday Exchange for [ profile] khoshgeleh_16 -- I hope they prove useful! *hugs*

Game Plan (10281 words) by thehoyden
Summary: Unlike Nealsy, Evgeni can cook his own food when he has it. He’s perfectly capable of making breakfast. His kitchen is well-equipped, and he’s got some good basic cooking skills down. In short, he is not going to starve to death if left to his own devices.

None of this seems to matter to Sid.
Notes: I am a total sucker for a story with food in it. This is a typical fluffy [ profile] thehoyden get-together fic, and it's delightful.

let your heart be light (3231 words) by ohtempora
Summary: They're still doing better than the Sabres. The Sabres have two games in hand.
Notes: Dumb Oilers babies being dumb should not still be entertaining at this point, but ah well. It kind of is.

the courtship of patrick kane (9673 words) by hazel
Summary: “Well,” Kaner says finally. “If you want to keep cockblocking me with the ladies, you’re gonna have to make it worth my while.” He’s smirking like it’s a challenge, like he knows Jon can’t ever let a challenge drop, and that’s it. That’s how Jon realises that he’s totally, completely, embarrassingly head-over-heels in love with Patrick fucking Kane.

Take a(n Espresso) Shot and (French) Press Yourself Against Me (12742 words) by knew_her_when
Summary: James is a terrible barista, Paul is a grad student who snarks about his coffee but keeps coming back
(That's word-for-word the request I chose and the best summary one could write.)

Bending with the Road (11746 words) by VampireSpider
Summary: “Booked a hotel in Charlotte,” James says as they’re getting into the car. “Should take us about seven hours to get there if the traffic’s not too bad.” He glances up to meet Paul’s eyes and grins a little. “Unless we get distracted along the way.”
Paul rolls his eyes. “Or you get us lost,” he says.
James has a schedule. Paul has places to be.
Notes: I AM STILL SO UPSET ABOUT THIS FIC GIVING ME ALL THESE FEELINGS. But in a good way, I think? I just get so mad at the thought of things not working out perfectly for these two morons. They'll probably be all right anyway.

Stars Apart (13331 words) by Java_Genie
Summary: It’s easy for Geno to imagine how things could better, out in the black. He’s read all the comic books and seen all the movies about the people who leave the core behind and find a second life, a better life, as pioneers and outlaws on the frontier of space. It means opportunity—the chance to scrub yourself clean of all the bad names and mean labels the core gives people born to parents not rich enough, smart enough or brave enough.
But Sid, he was born with all the right labels—and Geno can’t think of a single thing Sid could find out among the stars that he couldn’t have here at home.

Close to Water (2122 words) by derryderrydown
Summary: "I was wondering." Sid cleared his throat and looked awkward, and Geno had a moment of dread over what horror Sid was going to ask of him, before Sid said, in a rush, "Do you want to go canoeing?"
Notes: "Canoeing" ahahahahaha oh god.

semantic shift (10852 words) by neros_violin
Summary: “He asked what some of the words meant, on the signs, what they yell. I told him. He’s a fan of Princess Sidney, especially.”

Bluehawk (16860 words) by aohatsu
Summary: Jo sleeps with Kaner for the second time when she’s twenty-one and gets drunk off her ass in a bar in Vancouver.
Notes: I don't see a lot of girl!Tazer fic, and I quite liked this one!

make you a believer (7924 words) by Katarin
Summary: PK pretends he and Carey are dating, without telling Carey. It's Christmas with the Subbans!
Notes: I already yelled at everyone to read this on Twitter, but just in case somebody missed that, EVERYONE GO READ THIS FIC IMMEDIATELY. Everything about it is perfect. PK's cheerful attitude towards casual sex. His relationship with everyone in his family, especially his mom. Carey's relationship with everyone in PK's family, especially Malcolm. PK's inevitable oblivious tromping over Carey's heart. Yes. Glorious.

we're so close to something better left unknown (10431 words) by sesame_seed
Summary: Prompt 1: Blackhawks, Toews/Kane, power imbalance - it could be teacher/student, bodyguard/witness, even assassin/target - I'd just really like a fic where Toews absolutely should not give in to his feelings for Kane, but he does anyway.
Notes: The summary sucks, the fic is great, please do not be put off. It's about fixing a power imbalance, not taking advantage of it.

Space Kaner (2991 words) by celli
Summary: Patrick has an extra toe from an unfortunate accident as a child and an inconvenient crush on his commanding officer. It gets worse from there.
Notes: Womp womp STAR TREK AU yeah that's right.

Banned (10674 words) by Vitula
Summary: “Temporarily banned by mod taz3r: misleading use of geography,” reads his third ban of the month.
Kaner stares at his phone's screen for a long moment before angrily muttering, “but it fucking is Winterpeg.” He's not sure if this is more or less embarrassing than the time Jonny banned him from the hockey forum for unsporting conduct for insulting Canada's Olympic candidates.

Hate to see you go (4128 words) by littlemissaily
Summary: ... love to watch you leave.
Carey does not want a piece of that ass, okay? He just admires a man who looks good in a suit.
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