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Happy Yuletide and thank you in advance for writing for me! I really hope you'll have fun. This post has some prompts and general info about my preferences, but (a) I'm pretty easy to please and (b) Optional Details Are Optional, so if there's a story of your heart that you've been waiting for write, don't worry about sticking too close to my requests: write the story you're into! I'm sure I'll love it if you loved writing it. (I mean, I do still want a story in one of the fandoms I requested and about the characters I picked, but you know what I mean.) The purpose of this letter is to make things easier for you -- you don't even need to keep reading if you don't want. If what you got in the assignment email is enough for you to start writing, go for it! Conversely, if this letter doesn't have enough info and you want to know more about the stuff I'm into, I can be found under the name meretricula on tumblr and the AO3 as well.

Likes: Happiness. I want everybody to be happy or at least not overtly miserable at the end of the fic. They can suffer and be angsty in the beginning or middle but please please please let the ending be sunshine and rainbows or the promise of sunshine and rainbows on the not-too-distant horizon. I'm also happy to get a fic that's 100% fluffy sunshine and rainbows all the way through. I'm a big fan of tropes where characters have a lot of history between them -- friends to lovers, childhood sweethearts, best frenemies, sibling relationships, etc. -- and you'll see those popping up a lot in my prompts. Basically I'm ALL ABOUT THE FEELINGS. I'm not a big fan of porn for porn's sake but if you're happier writing about people expressing their feelings via sex, that's great too! Gen, het, slash, femslash and poly are all good with me.

I also like: lots of background detail; tropes and cliches; subverted/inverted tropes and cliches; lots of dialogue; limited third person POV; canon settings, canon divergences AND alternate universes; food; competence; found families; mixed media/documentation fic.

Dislikes: major character death (as in, this character is gone and not coming back; death followed by resurrection or altered form of existence is fine so long as the character is still around); humiliation; intense angst; graphic violence and gore; noncon and dubcon; first and second person POV; AUs that change the nature of characters' backstory together (e.g. if two people have known each other since childhood I'd rather not have an AU where they meet for the first time as adults, and if they've been best friends their whole lives I'd rather not read an AU where they're enemies instead)

Fandom: Bride Quartet - Nora Roberts
Characters: Laurel McBane, Parker Brown, Delaney Brown
Prompt: First things first: breaking up canon relationships is ok, poly is ok, incest is ok, but you DO NOT need to write any of these things if you're not comfortable with them. I will still be delighted with a fluffy fic about Parker and Laurel's friendship (or more-than-friendship) or Del and Parker's sibling bond or Del and Laurel being cute together. That said...

Hey, if you're up for it, I would totally love some incestuous polyfic for this fandom! (You can include Mal or not as you please, I don't have strong feelings about him either way.) My favorite thing about the Bride Quartet is the domesticity of everybody living in each other's pockets, so feel free to play that up. I also love how much history everyone has with each other (Laurel and Parker love each other SO MUCH you guys it's the BEST) (Del is the sneakiest sweetest big brother) and I really loved how careful Laurel and Parker and Del were about negotiating the change in their relationship when Laurel and Del started dating -- what would that be like if Parker was romantically involved with Laurel as well? (I could see this as either a full-blown threesome or as Parker and Del sharing Laurel but not being romantically interested in each other, whatever suits your vision better.) Or if you do want to include Malcolm, what a perfect set-up for a sedoretu AU!

Additional thoughts: In case this wasn't clear, you're free to focus on any two characters if all three together aren't working for you, and you can also include cameos from any of the other characters; I like them all. If you want to write more sprawling poly involving more of the quartet and their partners, go for it! (They don't all have to be banging in that scenario; I'd actually love more nuanced negotiation about who is interested in doing what with whom.) If you decide you want to write Parker/Laurel and don't know what to do with Del, feel free to pair him off with Mal in the background to keep the boys out of the way. And if you do want to write Parker/Del (with or without Laurel), hop right on that train to Folgerstown, I will be right there beside you every step of the way. It's fine if you want to include some angst about the incest, but as mentioned above, I would really prefer that everything end happily. It's also totally fine with me if you'd rather write an AU where incest and/or poly are socially normalized and not a source of angst at all.

Fandom: The Bourne Legacy (2012)
Characters: Outcome #4
Prompt: I really enjoyed Bourne Legacy, but I've always been a little annoyed that they just killed off all the other outcomes the way they did. She's a highly trained, mentally enhanced espionage expert and she just takes the pills? Come on. Why can't Outcome #4 have her own grand escape? If you have your own story in mind for her already, go for it! Otherwise, some prompts: Outcome #4 and her handler have gotten inappropriately attached to each other and go on the run together; Outcome #4 had been planning to fake her own death for some time and just took the opportunity presented to her in order to get out; Outcome #4 had her own Nicky Parsons-esque guardian angel (up to you if you want to create an OC or have it actually be Nicky Parsons) looking out for her and/or in need of rescue; Outcome #4 fell in love with a civilian while under deep cover and has to ditch her mission to rescue them (for this prompt, I would prefer a mutual saving dynamic -- maybe her civilian has unexpected abilities too?) and go off the grid; Outcome #4 adopts a pet and rediscovers her humanity. Gen, het, and femslash are all very welcome!

Additional thoughts: I feel kind of unqualified to even prompt this fandom, because this is something I could absolutely never write myself -- sorry if my ideas are impractical! I realize that this is a pretty dark fandom that doesn't fit too well with my stated preference for fluffy happy things, so don't feel like you need to shoehorn happiness in where it doesn't belong; I'd like Outcome #4 to have at least a hopeful if not happy ending, but feel free to make me earn my catharsis. (If this helps you understand what I get out of this fandom at all, I love "Bucky Barnes learns to be a person again" fics. The suffering on the way makes the eventual happy ending that much sweeter.) Also, just in case -- if you want to include the other outcomes, or other characters from the Jason Bourne films, that's totally cool, but I do want Outcome #4 to be the main focus of the story.

Fandom: A Countess Below Stairs - Eva Ibbotson
Characters: Susie Rabinovitch Tom Byrne
Prompt: I loved Susie and Tom's relationship in A Countess Below Stairs and I was really bummed that aside from the one scene at the dress ball, we didn't really get to see them interacting. Anything with Tom and Susie will make me happy, so go wherever the spirit leads you! What does Susie think about all the craziness going on with Rupert's wedding? What is their married life like? Or their early courtship? Or the seventeen other times Tom proposed to Susie? Or their wedding? If you feel up to it, I would really love details about the role Jewish tradition plays in their life together -- maybe their first major holiday together? (But only if you want to and feel comfortable with that!) I also adore their families and friends, so feel free to include as large an ensemble cast as you like. This is another canon where I really love the feel of the original (Eva Ibbotson's prose, Eva Ibbotson's character descriptions, Eva Ibbotson's dialogue, ughhh, why is she SO GOOD AT EVERYTHING) and would be super happy to get something in the same vein as canon, whether it's pre-canon, missing scene or alternate POV during the events of the book, or post-canon. That said, if you really want to make them space pirates or college students or whatever and you can think of a way to make that work, go for it! The sky's the limit. Or the final frontier, if you're writing Star Trek AUs. (Annnnnd now I've made myself want a Star Trek AU. Dammit, self.)

Additional thoughts: I am shamelessly recycling this prompt even though I got a fantastic fic for it last year because I want MORE. I love Tom and Susie so freaking much.

Fandom: Three Sisters Island Trilogy - Nora Roberts
Characters: Ripley Todd, Mia Devlin
Prompt: Friend, I love me some Nora Roberts. I have grown up along with her writing, and I would fight a bear if that bear made disparaging remarks about La Nora's writing or the romance novel industry in general. THAT SAID, I cannot help but thinking that the Three Sisters Island trilogy exhibits a terrible flaw in that for some reason Mia and Ripley never act upon the sizzling sexual tension they have going? And in fact the super obvious WITCHCRAFT = LESBIANISM, Ripley's I'M NOT A WITCH panic = gay panic metaphor is never employed? (God, in retrospect Lulu being heterosexual offends me. Lulu embodies "crotchety old bookstore lesbian" even more than Ripley embodies "sports lesbian".) If you would please correct this glaring error for me, I will be the happiest recipient imaginable on Yuletide morning. Heck, if you wanted to take the "witchcraft = lesbianism" premise to its logical extreme and make Zack a girl so Nell can also discover a new side to her sexuality, I would be so there for that. (Side note: I love all the descriptions of Nell's cooking in the books, so feel free to include as much food porn as you like, if you're inclined!) If you're not comfortable writing femslash (which I totally understand! it is by definition a super heterosexual canon) I would also be happy with something about Ripley and Mia's friendship -- maybe something about how them being friends as kids even though they have completely opposite personalities and like completely different things, or Ripley stealthily trying to do nice things for Mia after they friend-broke up (and then stridently denying that she did any such thing)? I really like details about small-town life and how everybody is up in everybody's business on Three Sisters Island, so meddling neighbors and family members (what the heck did Ripley's parents think when she summarily dumped her BFF?) would be very welcome, as would cameos from Lulu, Nell and Zack. However, whether you're going the friendship or femslash route, please don't include Mac or Sam.

Additional thoughts: I've read all three books in the trilogy, but you can choose to disregard everything that happens after Dance Upon the Air if you'd rather; I'm not too fussed about it either way. I'm into this series for all the female friendships, not the plot.

Thank you again, dear yulegoat! Happy writing!


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