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Jan. 1st, 2037 03:11 pm
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*I am told that it is a mark of growth as a writer if your old writings make you cringe. So that's a good sign, I suppose. Fics marked with WARNING: OLD were written in high school, and frankly are kind of awful, but the ones included here for some reason have sentimental value to me, such that I didn't want to leave them out. There are others that I'm pretending don't exist.
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So about a million years ago [ profile] stickmarionette prompted me to do a Baby Dream Team fanmix on tumblr, and I promptly failed to do much of anything except vaguely think about suitably tragic song lyrics (sorry I'm the worst) until I was finally impelled by a nostalgic trip through my football tag and my intense Baby Dream Team Feels (tm) about the song Laughter Lines by Bastille to finish the mix and make a cover and even write a drabble to go along with it? This productivity feels very strange. Anyway, I hope you like/don't hate this, Lee! I'm very out of practice with everything, including feeling things. \o/

in the future, when we're older )
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I wrote a thing! I've fallen off the bandwagon writing-wise in a really bad way, so I'm actually very pleased that I managed to finish something. I've got to get back in the habit for [ profile] yuletide! (Speaking of which, if you are in the Boston area, there's a doodle poll for potential writer meet-ups here. I've been to meet-ups this woman has hosted before and I had a blast!) But yeah. Writing! Written by me! Even if it is hockey fic, to my secret shame.

title: the real hockey widows of new jersey
fandom: Hockey RPF
pairing: Danny Briere/Claude Giroux
rating: PG
word count: 2787
summary: "Since when does Sylvie like you?" Danny demanded.

"Why wouldn't Sylvie like me?
I'm not divorced from her." Claude paused, then added thoughtfully, "Also, I cook, and I'm never late picking the boys up from school. I think that's a big part of it."
notes: So once upon a time [ profile] doctor_denmark and I had a conversation on twitter about how much we wanted to see Claude being the Briere kids' stepmom while Danny was in Montreal (said conversation is immortalized here) and then I decided that more than anything in the world, I needed for Sylvie and Claude to have co-parent bonding nights over a lot of white wine that ended in drunk-dialing Danny. Uh. That's it, that's the story. Sorry guys. Infinite thanks to [ profile] luxover, internationally recognized expert on Claude Giroux, for fixing my sad attempt at writing Claude's English, and to [ profile] khoshgeleh_16 for helping with the title! ♥

parenting is tough, kids )
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recs soon, I promise! in the meantime, I wrote a thing??? it's been a while, I'm not sure how this goes anymore. but god, only a monster could watch that gif of Rafa nuzzling Novak's shoulder after whatever Novak whispered in his ear and not feel inspired. (I have watched that gif... an alarming number of times now.)

6-2, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 )
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it's still June on the East Coast. let's go with that.

title: encara em bull la sang
fandom: Football RPF
pairing: Victor Valdes/Andres Iniesta
rating: G
word count: 2000
summary: Andres is the world's least surprising vampire, and Victor is possessive about the strangest things.
notes: this is an expansion of Show Me Your Teeth and the surrounding discussion of how Andres would be a horrifically passive-aggressive vampire. unfortunately I didn't manage to include Iker, but next time! title and cut-text from Vell llop de mar by Els Catarres, which I am currently obsessed with.

tu amor encara em fas tan mal, tu amor encara em bull la sang )
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So [ profile] aramley and I are traveling together, and I essentially double-dog dared her to write this fic despite the fact that I've never seen a single episode of Hannibal in my life, and then she refused to play unless I participated. The end result being this fic, i.e. proof positive that we are simultaneously the best and the worst. This also means I squeak in under the wire with my "at least one fic every month" policy! We actually had this finished earlier, but we didn't have Internet until tonight, so. I'm posting this so I get to decide which country's standardized spelling to use, btw. [ profile] aramley wants you all to know that she had nothing to do with all the missing "u"s.

title: quis custodiet ipsos custodes
fandom: Hannibal (NBC)
pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
words: 2100
rating: pg
summary: Will and Hannibal post-consult in Rome: Hannibal wants to take Will to the Capuchin ossuary and Will just really wants some gelato.
warnings: all of my knowledge of Hannibal comes from gifsets on tumblr. [ profile] aramley has seen exactly two episodes. we have, however, been to all the places in Rome which are mentioned! take that as you will. aside from the implications of cannibalism, there's really nothing offensive in the fic itself.

the gelato is people )
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it is still April for another ten minutes! have a fic!

the tennis AU with lesbian superspies, just roll with it, ok )

ps: it's not like I didn't threaten to write this before or anything.
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you guys you guys you guys! [ profile] reena_jenkins recorded my Hobbit fic hitched my apple wagon to your star and it's here and it's beautiful so you should all go and listen! there's cover art! and intro music! ~twirls~

I've never had any of my writing turned into podfic before and I'm so excited! can you tell?
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cue the frantic scramble to finish up at least a drabble. I posted most of this as part of the WIP meme over on tumblr, but here, have a self-contained story about Andres Iniesta the children's librarian and his delinquent motorcycle-riding boyfriend.

radical reference )
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drive-by update because I have ~plans for Sunday brunch like a motherfucking grown-up! I found this snippet buried in my WIPs while I was hunting for things to post for a meme on tumblr, and I'm not sure anyone besides [ profile] aramley ever saw it, so what the hell!

remember when the unpronounceable Icelandic volcano exploded and nobody could fly anywhere and a bunch of tennis players had to take a bus from Monte Carlo to Barcelona? ahahahahah good times good times )

people should ask me for tennis WIPs because I am flat out of football ones and it's depressing.

also if you have opinions about whether or not there should be a second incarnation of santjordi let me know? I am trying to decide, and obviously I can't do it on my own!
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issue #10 of [ profile] cornerflag is up, y'all! which is like 90% [ profile] stickmarionette's doing, not mine, because I spent most of the time I was supposed to be editing frantically trying to finish my own fic instead. =/ sorry, Lee! I love you!

but anyway: I wrote a fic! it's about ladies so no one will read it! I am the most indie ever! :D?

title: old dogs, new tricks
fandom: football rpf
pairing: Ani Escribano/Berta Carles
rating: PG-13
word count: 2800
summary: In 2007 they went down to Nacional, and Berta quit football for good. (Barcelona Femenino fic, fully illustrated and with explanatory notes for the curious.)

at cornerflag | at the AO3

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my descent into Hobbit fandom has been swift and merciless. come to me guys, let's talk about hot Dwarves.

title: hitched my apple wagon to your star
fandom: The Hobbit
pairing: fem!Fili/Kili
rating: PG-13
word count: 2795
summary: Fili and Kili have their first adventure in the world of Men.
notes: girl!Dwarves for liiiiiiife! in a roundabout way I blame [ profile] eala, who told me that when she was a little girl she was unshakably convinced that Thorin Oakenshield was a lady and thus put the idea in my head. title comes from the song by The Boy Least Likely To, and the song Fili sings is The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night. written for a prompt on [ profile] hobbit_kink.

on the kinkmeme | on the AO3
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consider this my belated YULETIIIIIIDE post! I really do mean to put together a proper list of recs, but I'm slow. in the meantime, I got two WONDERFUL fics for [ profile] yuletide this year, both for Bend It Like Beckham: 5 Games Jess Played In, which is a HOGWARTS AU THAT'S RIGHT, and The Girls of Summer, which is a fabulous and perfectly in-character fic written entirely in the form of commentary on the semifinal of the 2011 Women's World Cup. if you haven't read them yet, what are you waiting for?

I only wrote one fic this year, which I regard as something of a personal failure, but I'm going to try and get a NYR or two done at some point. the timing just wasn't very good for me, which is unfortunate but the way things go sometimes. (the combination of all my sleep-debt from finals week hitting me juuuuust as I surrendered to my feelings about The Hobbit was a killer, let's not pretend any of this was something other than my own damn fault.) but I didn't default! and hopefully I didn't ruin my recipient's yuletide or anything, haha.

title: You Should Come Around More, Alabama
fandom: Hart of Dixie
pairing: Lemon Breeland/George Tucker, Lemon Breeland/Wade Kinsella if you squint
rating: PG
word count: 1493
summary: While George is in New York City, Lemon finds companionship in an unlikely place.
notes: I know none of you watch Hart of Dixie, but you really should! It's a super-charming show. I have a different ship for every day of the week and two on Sundays, but I love the weird relationship between Lemon, George and Wade, especially when they're not really thinking about Zoe.

it might just be the right time for you and me (but to be honest it's probably not)
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the wicked temptress [ profile] stickmarionette softly whispered "Iker/Xavi royalty AU" in my ear: results continue to be unsurprising, but usually I'm the one enabling other people, dammit. hoist on my own petard! for those following along at home:

Xavi says good-bye to Andres (by me), Pep talks with/pervs on Raul (by [ profile] stickmarionette), Xavi has a dramatic exchange with Hierro (by me), the Beckhams are introduced and Iker finally shows up (by me), a wild Leo appears, bearing political intrigue (by [ profile] stickmarionette), and...

Iker and Xavi's meeting before the wedding, with bonus Raul/Mori! )
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the [ profile] footballslash femmeslash exchange is now live! people should go read and comment on everything, especially the one written for me by the gracious [ profile] albion_lass. this is particularly crucial because I am absolutely DROWNING in schoolwork right now and can't even afford the time to read and appreciate it properly myself yet ;_; UGH WHY DO I ALWAYS PROCRASTINATE WHY WHY WHY

but this is not a post about me. LADYBALLERS! ENJOY.

title: three scenes that didn't make it into jill scott's world cup diary
fandom: football RPF
pairing: Alex Scott/Kelly Smith
rating: PG-13
word count: 1650
summary: England at the 2011 Women's World Cup: two wins, one draw, one soul-crushing loss, and an infinite supply of shenanigans.
notes: originally posted here as part of [ profile] footballslash's Ladyballer Fic Exchange, and beta'd by the peerless [ profile] khoshgeleh_16. further explanatory notes at the end of the fic!

ladies who play football and love other ladies )
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the current Barça baby boom practically demanded crackfic about one of the players suffering from a sympathetic pregnancy, right? or was that just me. probably that was just me.

title: couvade
fandom: football rpf
characters: Victor Valdes + Andres Iniesta
rating: PG
word count: 873
summary: "Couvade syndrome is a term used to describe a situation in which an otherwise healthy man — whose partner is expecting a baby — experiences pregnancy-related symptoms." (via the Mayo Clinic.)
notes: I'm so sorry.

couvade |koōˈväd| (noun): the custom in some cultures in which a man takes to his bed and goes through certain rituals when his child is being born, as though he were physically affected by the birth. )
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so you guys remember when I started writing that stupid dramallama AU of the soulbonding universe where David Villa accidentally got bonded to Leo Messi and then shenanigans followed and I swore I wasn't continuing it and then I did anyway and then I swore I wasn't going to write anything but snippets so there? I, uh, appear to have finished it. I think. it sort of works as a coherent whole and I might go back and put it all together properly later, on the AO3 if nothing else. but this last bit's been living on my computer and I feel silly because it's not going to get any better or any more finished so I might as well post it, right? yeah. the last installment was here if you want to refresh your memory!

let's not try to figure out everything at once )

so, that's... the end of my thoughts on this subject, I suppose. (this does not preclude my having more thoughts at some future time, but it seemed like a good, non-cliffhangery place to stop.) however -- one time offer, brought to you by my poor judgment regarding my ability to keep commitments -- if you want a timestamp or "but what happened when X" drabble in this universe (AU-of-AU or just plain AU), tell me when or what and I'll try to write it! no promises, I'm still working on something from the last time I offered to write drabbles, but I'll give it my best shot. I really enjoy writing in this universe, and I'm always curious to know what y'all want to know about it!
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[ profile] distira has been having kind of a rough time lately (but fingers crossed it's looking up from now on!) so instead of ignoring the random flash of musical inspiration imparted to me by Hellogoodbye ce soir as one usually does I wrote a little bit of Alcantaras. it's all for you, baby! sorry I can't be of actual material assistance :( but I hope I can at least distract you!

it's like you gloss your lips with glue/we kiss and I am stuck to you )
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