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FIC EXCHANGE PEOPLE! look at me, trying to be responsible and everything. here is what is (probably) going to happen. I have set up a filter only for people involved in the fic exchange, so if you're seeing this, you said you'd like to participate. hopefully that will work and everything.

WHAT YOU DO HERE: in a comment, say what you would like in a fic! characters, pairings, scenarios, whatever floats your boat. (remember that whoever is assigned to you will do their best but they are only promising 1000 words and they are not superhuman. this is not a game of "stump the ficwriter". not that I think you guys would do that but just in case.) do not limit yourself to a single request! the more the better. if the spirit moves you, you can write as many comments-worth of "I would also like a fic in which..." as you like. mix it up at least a little, too; if you only ask for one pairing and nobody wants to write that pairing... there's not that many of us, you get the picture. but you can ask for whatever you want, so long as it's football related. obscure teams, B teams, retired players, ladyballers, WAGs, go for it. I don't guarantee that you'll get anything particularly rare, but it never hurts to ask! and you guys mostly know each other; you know what you can con each other into writing. (a note: I plan on adding to the bottom of my list that any request I have ever made at [ profile] touchline is fair game. if you play there a lot, that may also save you some time in writing out all the wonderfully bizarre ideas you've wanted to read.)

WHAT YOU DO NOT DO HERE: tell me what you want to write. that comes later!

AFTER EVERYONE HAS COMMENTED (please do this by Sunday at the very latest) I will put up another post reminding you all to go look at what everyone has asked for, and then I want you all to email me at my fandom address (parva dot meretix at yahoo dot com) and give me a list of people you would be comfortable writing for. do that by MONDAY NIGHT. you do not have to have much in common; you just have to think you could happily fulfill ONE of their requests. (ergo the more requests you have, the better your chances of getting matched with lots of people.) you don't even have to write one of the requests, really. if you know such-and-such and you KNOW she would love this idea you just had only it doesn't match her requests, it's fine, go for it. if you have a half-finished WIP that would be perfect for so-and-so's request, go ahead and use it. (please don't do this if your recipient has already seen your WIP, though. that's just tacky.) all I need to know is: CAN YOU WRITE A FIC THAT SHE WILL LIKE AND ENJOY DOING IT. yes? great! she goes on your list.

ONCE I HAVE THE LIST I will match everybody up and send out emails to let you know who you've been assigned to. I will have this done by... Wednesday March 21. barring unforeseen circumstances.

EVERYBODY WRITES A FIC! and finishes it by April 21. and sends it to me by April 21. and does not make me sad. please don't default, guys, I would be really bummed if someone didn't get a fic.

AND ONCE YOU ARE FINISHED WITH YOUR FIC... you can write more! this is optional, but since you can see everyone's requests, feel free to write extra treats for whoever you want. treats can be any length, they don't have to be 1000 words. you can write as many or as few as you like. send them along to me whenever you finish them, even if it's after the deadline, and I'll post them as soon as I can.

ON APRIL 23 THERE WILL BE FIC FOR EVERYONE! YAY PARTY! I've got a dreamwidth comm for this, so that's where it will be. all the fic will be anonymous for a few days; if you want we can play a guessing game for who-wrote-what. and then reveals are made and everyone gets to bask in the sweet sense of accomplishment and cross-posts and reposts and so forth are made. if everything goes well and it seems like a success, maybe we'll do it again! :D

A NOTE: I realize that the correct modly thing to do would be to sit this out and merely supervise. fuck that noise. it's my party, I'll play if I want to. I trust you understand. XD

ANOTHER NOTE: if you said you'd do this in a fit of delirium and have now realized you don't have time/aren't feeling inspired/secretly hate everyone participating, that's totally fine, just tell me so I don't wait for your request and we're cool! don't worry!

SO TELL ME: WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR SAINT GEORGE'S DAY? I'll make my own comment later but I've got to go to rehearsal now so if you're ready go ahead and comment, and if you want to see an example first hang tight until later tonight. so excited! ilu all! <33333333!


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