Sep. 26th, 2013

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Wow, September is almost over. Noooo, September! Stay longer! I'm going to have to do something writer-ly for October to get in shape for [ profile] yuletide and I'm just not ready for that yet. Anyway! [ profile] dreamofthem asked for friendship fic, so here we go...

Fortunate Son, by [ profile] astolat [American Idol RPF, David Cook+David Archuleta]
David Cook and David Archuleta get stranded in the wilderness together and have to rely on each other to survive. This is one of the more realistic lead-ins to the kind of codependency that shows up in platonic friendship fic -- Cook and Archie just went through an incredibly traumatic experience together, of course they don't want to be apart when they return to civilization. There's a slash sequel which I enjoy very much, but I like that this fic is pure friendship fic.

That Awkward/Awesome Moment, by [ profile] wistful_fever [Community, Troy+Abed]
True bromance is visible even when you can't hear the words.

His Majesty's Dragon, by Naomi Novik [original]
Ok this is maybe cheating but if you like friendship fic you really, really, really need to read the Temeraire books, because they are basically friendship fic turned up to eleven. The entire plot revolves around how much Laurence and Temeraire love each other and cannot bear to be separated even for the good of the nation. Like, if an Austen novel were written about a man and his dragon, that would be the Temeraire series, and the scene where Laurence finally admits to himself and Temeraire that he would rather leave his entire life behind than lose Temeraire is seriously Darcy's-second-proposal level of OH GOD MY FEELS. I have a .pdf of the first book that the publisher was distributing for free as a promotional thing and I will share it with anyone who can't make it to the library to check out a physical copy. (After the first book you're on your own, though. I have paid for all eight books so far, four in hardcover, and JE NE REGRETTE RIEN. Give Naomi your money so she can write us more books!)

Rely On You, by [ profile] rsadelle [Hockey RPF, Tyler Brown+Tyler Seguin]
Oh, Segs. :( As fond as I am of the Tylers as a romantic pairing, there's something that really gets me about Brownie being there for Segs throughout all his disastrous drama just because he loves him and wants him to be happy, despite having zero interest in him as a sexual being. (I already recced Love in Fast Forward for similar reasons, and if you didn't click on it the first time round you really, really should. The scene where Jeff is having a slow but inevitable meltdown because he's closeted and lonely and Mike grumpily cuddles him so he won't be touch-starved anymore kills me every time.)

Flying Blind, by scintilla10 [Code Name: Verity, Julie/Maddie]
I was struggling to come up with a fifth rec for this theme and upset that it was such a sausage fest, and then I realized that I literally could not think of a single fic that presents female friendship the way the platonic friendship trope is handled in fic: as love that isn't sexual but is overwhelmingly important, more so than any other relationship is those characters' lives, to the point where actions that are usually coded as romantic are seen as normal displays of friendship. And that is bullshit, guys, because women are every bit as capable as men of sustaining deep, meaningful, nonsexual friendships with each other. And then I went poking at the Friendship tag on the AO3 and got angrier and angrier about how impossible it was to find a story like the three fics I just recced but about women. (Please rec me some. I'm like 95% sure there must be some Clint+Natasha SUPER INTENSE DRAMA FRIENDSHIP CUDDLING fic that I just couldn't find.) Long story short go read Code Name: Verity by Elizabeth Wein, because it is beautiful and Julie and Maddie's relationship is the stuff of which a thousand thousand slashfics should be born, and then come back and read this fic. (I'm cheating because this is indeed a slashfic, not friendship fic. But it's friends to lovers and they spend most of the story being friends and most of you probably need to read the book first which IS just friendship so whatever I'm calling it a night.)


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