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you guys you guys you guys! [ profile] reena_jenkins recorded my Hobbit fic hitched my apple wagon to your star and it's here and it's beautiful so you should all go and listen! there's cover art! and intro music! ~twirls~

I've never had any of my writing turned into podfic before and I'm so excited! can you tell?
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hey guys! if anyone here is still looking for football recs, I have updated the list. new fic is marked with an asterisk, as per usual. I also wanted to let you know that I think the list is now... complete, for lack of a better word. or at least not getting updated again. I obviously haven't been able to dedicate the time and attention to it that I used to given how long it's been since my last update, and I'm just not enthusiastic enough about it anymore to promise I'll be better.

I'm not leaving football fandom, and I might still add things to the list for all I know (hell, by the time [ profile] cornerflag rolls around I might be back on the bandwagon), but at least for now, the rec shop is closed. there are other people in football fandom who do recs now, and I'm sure you'll all be able to find things to read without my assistance! it's been really great to meet so many people in the two and a half years I've been working on the list, and some minor wank aside, it's been a wonderful experience for me -- thank you all so much for writing all this lovely fic and for caring what I had to say about it! ♥

PS: I tried really, really hard to get through all of my backlog of "stuff to be recced" before closing it out. the lone holdout was the 2007 Secret Santa exchange. there was too much to read, I'm sorry, I just couldn't make myself do it -- but if any of you gets really desperate for something so old it's new to read, the full list is here.
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follow-up to my post yesterday, via the BBC: The Afghan girls who live as boys. worth thinking about.
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I did make a post about Barça Femenino over at [ profile] _fcbarcelona_, if anyone would like to check it out! I want to get some more stuff translated and find more pictures before I post to my journal, though.

I don't think I ever mentioned that I was reccing Barça fic for [ profile] crack_van last month, did I? well, anyway, those recs are up too under the rpf: professional athlete tag if you want to take a look. I don't think there's anything in there that I haven't recced in some capacity before, but still. (just, um, ignore any recs in that tag that aren't by me. or don't, feel free to check them out! but they're not my endorsements, so I take zero responsibility for them.)

still thinking about creating a vids section to the football rec post. I don't know. there's not that many half-decent vids out there, and I have most of them saved to my computer, so it wouldn't be hard, it's just that I can't be objective and I'm not sure if that matters. I'll read fic about people I don't know; I'll read fic about people I hate. I really can't watch vids of them. (and I will watch really terrible vids of people I love. case in point: you have no idea how many times I have watched that.)

speaking of things I hate: more football musings, cut because nobody wants to hear my thoughts on yaoi. )
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I am super-impressed by how productive footie fandom has been lately, but I do not have time to make this many recs, jfc. I just updated! and am already really behind! but that's a trial for another day.

the first edition [ profile] footie_bang (long may it continue) was posted today. I did the fanmix for [ profile] distira's fic As Far As You and Me Go, which you should of course all go and read. and listen to the mix!!! I also wrote a fic, which [ profile] louis_quatorze made a lovely mix for. I guess I'm going to have to find a new project to procrastinate hopelessly on, because I finished the soulbonding sequel, and that's the main arc of that series all wrapped up. (well, I also have thoughts~ about the reunion of the Baby Dream Team, but that's an issue for another day.) not entirely sure it was worth the wait, but I'm mostly just glad to be done!

title: it's been a long time since I've seen you smile
fandom: Football RPF
pairing: Xavi Hernandez/Andres Iniesta
rating: PG-13
word count: 11000
summary: In 2006, the World Cup is held in Germany: Andres Iniesta receives his first call-up to the senior national team, Xavi Hernandez's behavior escalates from mild neurosis into the realm of the genuinely bizarre, and Spain's campaign for the title ends once again not with a bang but an inglorious whimper.
notes: part of it's going to take a lot to drag me away from you aka that AU I sort of haphazardly write things in every once in a while.

in a year or so this will slip into the sea
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I've never done a fandom charity auction before, but Planned Parenthood is really important to me as an American and as the proud owner of a vagina, so here goes. my thread for fandom-helps is here; I'm offering to create a personalized rec list for each of the three highest bidders, should there be more than one. if you have the money to spare, it's a great cause, and there's a ton of awesome stuff to bid on, not just my thread! go go go! bidding is open until 11:30pm EST February 21.
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(my hands are totally instruments of God.)

I'm just going to put this here until I figure out how to better use it: writing aids and standards collected by our holy mother of webzines, [ profile] bb_shousetsu. guys... English is the worst. I know. I know, okay? I know that being a native speaker and lifelong avid reader with a thorough knowledge of Latin and a less-thorough but still present knowledge of ancient Greek gives me a leg up in the grammatical sweepstakes. but when I kick and scream and throw tantrums about how people don't know how to use commas, it's not for my own entertainment. grammar is important. language only helps us communicate when we're using the same one. commas and apostrophes and sentence fragments may seem insignificant, but they affect whether what you mean in your head is understood by the person who reads your words. think about it.

some stuff

Sep. 30th, 2011 05:49 pm
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[ profile] touchline is having a Lady Love Prompt Fest! Go, prompt, comment, tell your friends! (I am serious. All of you, if you want more fic about ladies, put up a notice on your journal so people will know this is going on. I AM WATCHING YOU.)

I'm officially done with my month of football RPF recs on [ profile] crack_van! If you're curious about what I recced, it's all under the rpf: professional athlete tag.

And finally, I usually rec fic on this journal and save other media for tumblr, but I put together some vid recs for [ profile] crack_van and it occurred to me that maybe some of you wouldn't have seen them yet. Enjoy!

heavily Messi-centric. as life should be. )
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blah blah I continue to be simultaneously crappy at writing my dissertation and obsessed with it to the point that I feel guilty even talking to people online none of this is surprising. I have a backlog of recs so long that it makes me cringe but I'm probably not going to be able to make my usual "once a month" update. once my exams are over I swear I'll be a reliable fandom citizen again! also, uh. if I haven't commented on your fic it may be because it's in that pile. or else I may just suck even worse than usual at commenting. yeah.

did you know I'm keeping an updated list of Messi prompts from [ profile] footballkink and [ profile] footballkink2? you do now!

I have not seen much activity on [ profile] touchline lately, and obviously I have not been helping much myself. (it doesn't help that every time I think of a prompt I go BUT I WANT TO WRITE IT lol oh self.) but still. we need prompts before we can write! and also people should come and fill more prompts! double-, triple- and quadruple-fills welcome! come play with us!

and finally, [ profile] rp_manifesto is having a "pimp your OTP month" sort of thing. like RPF? like a pairing? go make a manifesto and make everybody else like them too! (except don't do Rafa/Novak, [ profile] aramley and I are going to do that one and if you steal it I WILL CUT YOU.) you've got until the end of June!
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which jammy bitch got Alcantara fic for no special occasion at all, just because she has awesome friends? THIS JAMMY BITCH RIGHT HERE! run do not walk (unless that's a squick for you in which case... um, don't read it? but it's really good so you're missing out!) and tell [ profile] luxover how awesome she is! I'm still going to put together an Alcantara spam soon but in the immortal words of Hyperbole and a Half "it's like the things never end!" by which I mean rl is sort of interfering again. (by which I mean my ability to schedule things is consistently terrible and I seem to be playing a lot of concerts these days, oops.)

but also partly in awesome ways, because [ profile] aramley is coming to visit! SO EXCITEDDDD. :D

umm yes. if this post had a point other than LEAHHHHH and ALCANTARAAAAAAAS I don't remember what it was. let us say a prayer for Barcelona's poor injured captains and sign out. ilu all!
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I hope that everyone who reads this is against homophobia in football. [ profile] ontd_football is trying to actually do something about it. if you have a twitter, please tweet #redcardhomophobia and ask your followers to retweet. if you want to help, go here and join the conversation!

sometimes fandom can accomplish wonderful, amazing things. I'm so proud of my fellow fangirls for trying to do that now.

meretricula: Rrrrrrafa Nadal! (whatever) don't say I never told you.

ps: why is physics haaaaaaaaaard?
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from Rafa's Q&A with the Times - does nobody screen these questions for blatant inappropriateness? Last night I had a really exciting dream about you, Feliciano Lopez, David Ferrer and was really!!! Rafa, you said in reply to a question, that you normally don't dream about playing you ever have great dreams when you are asleep....and if you do, what was your favourite one....or do you want to keep that a!!! Muchas Gracias y Buena Suerte.

I think I wrote that fic. I don't think Rafa would have gotten it even if he'd been able to read it. o_O;; WHO THE HELL IS PICKING THESE QUESTIONS. SERIOUSLY.


Jul. 28th, 2009 02:09 pm
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It is a truth universally acknowledged in Romancelandia, that a single brooding man in possession of a dickbag nature must be in want of a Magic Hoo-Hoo to reform him. (from

dude-watchin' with the brontes
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occasionally Roger Federer is quite good-looking. I think he's a monumental prat most of the time (and kind of too... rounded for my tastes, even though paradoxically I really miss Rafa's baby fat from when he was about 17 and had an adorably chubby face), but... oh, look at the youtube clip for yourself.

there. not even I can hate on a guy who uses a tennis racquet to ROCK OUT.
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instead am looking at pictures of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal being unbearably adorable at each other. oh, my heart. here, you can experience an unexpected drop in productivity, too!

I joined this fandom at exactly the right moment to be hopelessly sucked in. the Australian Open finals. my god. Roger cried at the awards ceremony and Rafa teared up too and hugged him and whispered in his ear until he smiled and boys, this is NOT OKAY! I need those brain cells!

~cough~ which is to say... I think I care about tennis now? also it is really hilarious to watch serious sports people go all flaily over their destined rivalry while the slash fangirls are sitting there giggling over their destined love.

remind me that I do not need a tennis icon now. no, seriously, I don't.
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dammit, universe! I am very busy right now! it is exactly the wrong time to suck me into a new fandom.

...tragically, this does not make Rafael Nadal any less pretty. or any less likely to feel up Roger Federer on the tennis court. there's just something about sports RPS! sweaty well-muscled boys all touching each other! I like. also, I thought there was no couple more prone to posing pretty for the slash-cameras than Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, but I was so wrong. no, seriously, Rafa and Roger, stop being so gosh-darn cute or I cannot be help responsible for the consequences!

oh, goddammit, now I'm going to have to care about sports.
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[profile] mistful updated Drop Dead Gorgeous! go, go, read. if Harry and his saucy, salacious Veela charms don't bring a helpless grin to your face, you're doomed to live one miserably unamused life.
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but first:

what's YOUR sexual nationality? (I scored as 84% Brazilian. I'm not really sure how.)

now, onto fandom! I'm still working my way through the interesting-looking fics from H/D World Cup. my relationship with Harry Potter fandom is complicated! I don't like very much of it (oh the trashy purple prose, it burns) and for the most part I think of HP as a phase I left behind in ninth grade. but then I see what some authors manage to get out of even the giant hole of suck that was the epilogue to Deathly Hallows, and I reconsider. of course [profile] mistful's Coda to the Epilogue is top of this list, being as it fills me with glee and makes me giggle nonstop despite being not even remotely 'shippy. and if Drop Dead Gorgeous is ever updated I might just die of YAY. but some of these fics for HDWC are really quite good! I am an unapologetic Draco fangirl, so, you know, anything where he gets less of a short stick than in canon is good.

I have also taken an unexpected detour into the land of OMGHET with the release of the Ironman movie. I can't help it! Tony and Pepper are just too gosh-darn cute. and while I am a bit wary of het on the internets, I've found some cute fics through recs. also [personal profile] hackthis has written some stuff.

click me to see why I have a newfound passion for Greek! )

while I'm here, I might as well mention - I'm trying to participate in [profile] paliphrase, where you pick a word and then write 10, 15 or 25 responses in different fandoms. I picked "derivative" and now I'm trying to find fandoms to write in. I already did PoT and my Bleach fashion AU, and I was thinking a PoT/Eureka crossover and maybe Pushing Daisies, but I've still got a lot of prompts to fill. what fandoms would y'all like to see? if you can suggest a definition of "derivative" that you think is particularly apt for the fandom or pairing you'd like, that'd just be awesome.
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am I the only person who has never heard "The Ballad of Jared and Jensen"? seriously, it is an epic tragedy that I have never experienced this work of meta-fandom before - a tragedy remedied only by watching this genius vid many, many times in a row.

Jensen and Jared are in love
even Kripke can see
which is why he puts all kinds of hella awesome sexual tension into his show even though the characters are BROTHERS!

okay, you've watched that and cracked up immensely? now go read this amazing fic called "The Con-Going Fangirl," wherein Jared overhears the J2 slashers talking at a convention, and then gets sucked headlong into the world of RPS. it's completely worth it just to see what all of our hyper-jargoned conversations even sound like to an outsider - an outsider who just happens to be the object of our perverse fantasies, but whatever. oh, fandom. never change.

hmm, what else? I have also discovered this fantastic blog called Smart Bitches Who LOVE Trashy Books, which is really amazing for me because I admit, with very little shame, that I also love trashy romance novels! I went through a phase in seventh grade when all I would read was Nora Roberts novels. this was followed by the phase when I realized that between homework and fanfiction I had no time to read books at all, so I recall it with fond nostalgia. also, the two women who maintain the blog recently kicked up a shitstorm by discovering that a very prolific romance novelist was also a very prolific plagiarist; the story's been picked up by assorted news outlets and moniker'd "2008's Sexiest Plagiarism Scandal" by NPR, but my favorite response to the whole mess has been that of Paul Tolme, one of the plagiarizees. he's an environmental researcher of ferrets. (yes: ferrets.) you can read his reaction in Newsweek here. SBTB's readers and author Nora Roberts have since contributed over $10,000 in response to Tolme's request that someone think of the ferrets.

at least some good came out of a terrible romance novelist's plagiarism!

and then I hopped over from reading about romance novels to reading about sex, in Dan Savage's column, Savage Love. I really do love me some Dan Savage. don't you?
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