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Back when I did fics about food (incidentally I just found this Vikings fic and I am SO MAD that I discovered it too late to include in that post so uh yeah if you're into haute cuisine, restaurant AUs and banging threesomes I strongly advise you click that little link) I promised a post of recipes that even I, kitchen incompetent and super broke, can make and love, and lo and behold I have delivered!

crisp rosemary flatbread
So easy, so delicious, so cheap! It will make your life easier if you have baking paper and some sort of rolling pin but you can use a glass or your bare hands if you need to. I'm not a huge fan of rosemary so I usually use garlic instead, and chive works too!

baked apples
Even easier! I like to sprinkle on brown sugar and cinnamon before baking and then adding some maple syrup to the bowl when I eat it, but I've got a bigger sweet tooth than most people. This is a great way to use up apples that are a little bruised or mushy or are even starting to rot -- just cut off the gross parts when you're chopping up the apples.

millionaire's shortbread
This one can be a little bit tricky but I promise it's worth it! Once you get the hang of lining your pan with baking paper, it will save you so much energy on cleanup, you don't even know. Definitely melt the chocolate and make the caramel in the microwave, life is too short for double-boilers. If you have an electric egg beater or similar tiny self-whisking device, that will make combining the melted butter and condensed milk for the caramel much less labor-intensive. The layer of caramel takes for-e-ver to set, so plan to leave it in the freezer overnight, pour on the layer of melted chocolate in the morning, and stick it back in the freezer to get the chocolate to solidify until whatever afternoon or evening festivities you're bringing this British delight to! Share the wealth with all your friends, and DO NOT EVER tell anyone how much butter goes into the recipe.

cream scones
I'm going to make your life so much easier with this handy little trick: forget everything about rolling out, cutting, whatever. Mix up the dough and slap it into a muffin tin to bake. Your scones will come out circular and scone-like and perfectly attractive, and you don't need to tell anyone how they got that way.

avocado mac and cheese
Probably the most expensive recipe on here, because you do have to buy avocados and decent cheese (I like to use extra sharp cheddar, not Monterey Jack), but it's so worth it. If you don't eat it all immediately it'll turn brown, but any leftovers will still taste fine the next day, they'll just look pretty gross. If you care about that (I don't! Your stomach doesn't have eyes, as my grandmother says), just make sure you've got a couple friends over to help you consume the whole pot.
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A break in your regularly scheduled recommendations! (Don't worry, September Recs will be up later tonight...) A few days ago I went trawling through my own timeline looking for gems to bring back before they're lost to the mists of time/twitter, and this really needed to be exposed to the light of day. Everybody please feel free to peer pressure [ profile] justkisa RELENTLESSLY until she gives in and writes me the Sid/Mario/Nathalie fic of my dreams! :D?


official draft photos of Sidney and Mario cause meretricula's head to explode, news at eleven )

God damn it I don't want to have to get a hockey icon. Someone save me from myself.
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I was whining on twitter about how all I wanted to do was read jailbait Chekov/Sulu fic all night and somehow this ended up in a conversation about how @bophew had never read any AGally/BGally fic??? AN UNACCEPTABLE SITUATION, I think you will all agree. So here, have lots of jailbait Gallys! Sometimes with Prusty for bonus defilement purposes! (I already recced the one where BGally is a girl and Prusty teaches AGally how to give better orgasms for genderswap day but if you missed it somehow you should rectify that.)

Lucky Pierre, by [ profile] hapakitsune
Basically nothing to me will ever top the succinct hilarity of the summary, which I quote in full:

"Complicated like you have two underage boyfriends?" asks Brian.

"They're both over eighteen," hisses Brandon.

It's not quite as cracky as that would lead you to believe (I actually feel a lot for Alex, it sucks to be the one left out when your friends are hooking up) but it's still pretty damn funny! And Brandon's paranoia that someone on the team is going to find out he defiled the rookie is really excellent for me.

I don't know about me but I know about you, by duchessofavalon
AGally's friendship with Nail is adorable. This is all.

Odd Man Rush, by hanet
BGally's intrinsic sluttiness draws AGally into his somewhat ambiguous relationship with Prusty, giving Prusty a sexual identity crisis in the process. Also there's a lot -- a lot -- of porn.

i said if i'm honest, i fell for you that last night, by mistfarer
This list needed at least one straightforward story about dumb children in love. God. They're so DUMB and so IN LOVE I almost can't stand it like this is Hallsy and Ebs level here.

(Getting Off) the Training Wheels, by sabrina_il
I.e. the one where Prusty teaches the Gallys how to have better sex with each other. A lot of it is so clinical that it shouldn't really be hot? And yet it is, and there's something so weirdly joyful about these two idiots finally getting to share orgasms the way they want to.

I've progressed to the hacking up a lung stage of my cold, which means I sound much worse but feel much better! I'm not even on Nyquil right now. YAY!!! YOU CAN'T DEFEAT ME, NEW ENGLAND WEATHER.
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Still sick! Still doped up on Nyquil! Expect little coherence here, my friends.

Strength In You, by [ profile] heresluck [Gilmore Girls]
I didn't agree with many of the romantic storylines on Gilmore Girls (Paris/Rory OTP and I WILL FIGHT YOU OVER IT, among other things), but the one thing the show was consistently great about was Rory's relationship with her mom. This vid is a condensed shot of mother-daughter love and just watching it makes me smile.

Permanent Parking, by marycontraire [Hockey RPF]
So canonically Claude Giroux moved in with Danny Briere and Danny Briere's three kids and two dogs for a season and there are horrifying but adorable family photos to prove it, and I greatly enjoy the fic that resulted from this glorious, glorious time period. I particularly treasure this fic for approaching the situation from the kids' perspective -- specifically, the POV of the youngest boy, Cameron -- and not glossing over their insecurity over their new semi-stepdad and his role in their life.

Omaha, by [ profile] halcyon_shift [Heroes]
Remember when Heroes was good? Ahh, nostalgia. On my first time watching I think I was too wrapped up in figuring out whether the man in horn-rimmed glasses was good or evil to appreciate his relationship with Claire, but in retrospect: god, what an adorable father and daughter.

With Six You Get Eggroll, by [ profile] cesperanza [Due South]
This has to be the ultimate kidfic -- RayK and Fraser adopt six children! In the Canadian wilderness! Ray Vecchio and Stella come to visit! -- but it's not at all sentimental, the kids are fully fleshed out rather than being plot moppets, and I can genuinely see RayK and Fraser ending up in exactly this sort of situation. Parenthood is tough! Adoption is really tough! Adopting SIX KIDS is insane! But the fic acknowledges all that, and doesn't make everything happy sunshine and bunnies, and it works. (Also, I may or may not have written fanfiction in my head about this universe. Shhh.)

A Beautiful Lifetime Event, by [ profile] astolat [Stargate: Atlantis]
The one where John and Rodney have an accident with some Ancient technology resulting in a baby. I'm assuming everyone in fandom has read this fic at one point or another; it's probably the first example of babyfic in the Fanlore article (but I'm too lazy to check). It has everything. It's babyfic turned up to eleven. This is the überbabyfic, and it's fantastic.
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Still sick. :( All fics are OT3, i.e. Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, because that is the only acceptable ship in White Collar fandom and if you ship Neal/Peter without including Elizabeth in some way I will shank you!!! Or probably just yell for a while about how Elizabeth is the greatest, whatever.

Always Starts the Same, with a Boy and a Girl, by lightgetsin
Four Meals, by [ profile] copperbadge
Both Sides Of The Conversation, by OnYourMark
Separately and Together, by [ profile] china_shop
Light-Fingered, by [ profile] shrift

Pray for my soul and that I feel better in the morning, I hate being sick. D: D: D:
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It was going to be White Collar but then I started reading a genderswap One Direction fic of all things, so White Collar fic is going to have to wait till tomorrow! Also I'm sick and my Nyquil is kicking in so... no descriptions. I promise the fic is good. Enjoy!

i know the shape of your hands (i watch them when you talk), by [ profile] el_em_en_oh_pee [One Direction RPF, Zayn/Louis]

Till You Make It, by lightgetsin [The Dresden Files, Harry/Marcone]

I Want Your Lips to Sing, by [ profile] twentysomething [Teen Wolf, Stiles/Derek]

Ironsides, by [ profile] copperbadge [Avengers, Steve/Tony]

The Least of All Possible Mistakes, by [ profile] rageprufrock [Sherlock, Mycroft/Lestrade]
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Apparently the one topic my older brother, my mother and I are completely united on is our admiration of the way Neal Caffrey wears a suit. Consider this my endorsement for White Collar: everybody should appreciate the way Neal Caffrey wears a suit. To that end, please enjoy some vids for that show about an FBI agent and his beautiful wife and the ridiculously attractive art thief they decide to bring into their marriage. I'm not even bothering to write out recommendations. They all feature Matt Bomer's beautiful face, and that is all the recommendation you should need. (Fic recs to follow tomorrow...)

Let's Misbehave, by [ profile] trelkez
Everybody Loves Me, by LLenkaLL
in one ear, right out the other, by [ profile] gigglemonster
Footloose, by [ profile] china_shop
Tonight (I'm Fucking You), by [ profile] talitha78

As always, if you have trouble accessing any vid I rec, let me know and I'll upload it for you!
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Vid recs again today! I've wanted to do a wordless vid rec post for a while, actually; it's something you don't see all that often but is really impressive when it's done well. (I had to cut down this list to get it to five, actually. :( I would have included more but then it's a slippery slope to indulging my completionist streak all the time!)

Girl on Fire, by Claire [The Hunger Games]
The sense of motion in this vid is really stunning, especially in the more violent interludes. The softer, slower sections are handled impressively, too; Jennifer Lawrence did a great job letting Katniss' facial expressions do her talking, and the vid captures those moments perfectly.

Heads Will Roll, by [ profile] thedothatgirl [The Legend of Sleepy Hollow]
The music is actually not the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song of the same name but rather a string quartet cover of 'This Is Halloween', just so you know it does belong on this list. Ichabod's little face! All of his glorious incompetent flailing around! Again, really excellent sense of motion, and the comedic timing is perfect as well.

With Or Without You, by em [Doctor Who]
Nothing in this vid should work. Slowmo, weird color effects, the pacing is just mostly quite slow wih loooong clips. And yet it's perfect. GOD TEN LOVED ROSE SO MUCH, I CAN'T.

Mr. Brightside, by [ profile] jarrow [The Talented Mr. Ripley]
Let's put it this way: somehow this movie is EVEN MORE HEARTBREAKING when compressed into three minutes and accompanied by string quartet.

God Loves, Man Kills, by [ profile] meivocis [X-Men trilogy]
The X-Men series is really intense for something I remember as a Saturday morning cartoon. I think this vid lives up to that intensity -- the blinking effect seems like it should get annoying, but it really works. (Trigger warning for self-harm of a child and mutilation; the close-up on the stumps where Angel hacked off his wings is... really hard to bear.)

YULETIDE YULETIDE LALALA. At the moment I have nominated Some Girls, Tennis RPF, Blurred Lines Sexy Boys Parody and The Outlaws of Sherwood, but I've got some time in case I want to change my mind...
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[ profile] thefourthvine suggested that I do a set of small fandom recs, but I'm terrible at judging what is or isn't qualified as a "small fandom", so I decided to let the experts sort it out for me and just picked from the Yuletide pool. I tried to get a wide selection, so they're not all from the same year -- one is from 2006, one is from 2012, the rest are somewhere in between!

Wait Wait Don't Eat Me, by [ profile] nestra [National Public Radio RPF, Yuletide 2009]
Probably the most (in)famous Yuletide fic of all -- NPR got their hands on it somehow and linked it to the non-fannish masses. At least it wasn't knotting fic, amirite? No, seriously, I do think this is a perfect showcase of what Yuletide is best at: a loving homage to a source that a whole lot of people are familiar with but very, very few would ever contemplate writing fic for.

Gamol-léac, by Castiron [Old Spice Guy commericals, Yuletide Madness 2010]
The concept is great, but it's the execution that really makes it memorable. What a fantastic Beowulf pastiche.

a spring fling, by [ profile] screamlet [Avengers RPF, Yuletide 2012]
Everything is ridiculous and yet it's not really a fluffy fic, if that makes sense -- the story is funny, but mostly because it's about perfectly ordinary events that the characters can't really deal with because they aren't used to functioning in the everyday world. (To wit: ScarJo, Chris Evans and Renner live together in collegiate-level filth and attend the birthday party Chris Hemsworth throws for his baby daughter.)

Duende, by [ profile] astolat [Master and Commander, Yuletide 2006]
God, I tend to forget this story exists and then I remember and reread it and fall in love all over again. It's a very sweet love story, for Aubrey and Maturin at least, but it's the worldbuilding that gets me every time.

A Room With a View, by hollimichele [Temeraire, Yuletide 2009]
THIS STORY, GOD. Perscitia! Wellington! Roland! All the historical details that don't necessarily appear in the books, up to and including Wellington's poor wife! I love the Temeraire books with a fiery burning passion and I mean it as a great compliment when I say that this fic could perfectly well be an interlude written by Naomi herself.

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For [ profile] khoshgeleh_16, who asked for a very carefully curated list of figure skating fics! I, uh, tried? Well, hopefully at least some of it will be suitable. XD Judging from my brief ventures into the shallows, Figure Skating RPF is a fairly compartmentalized fandom -- there's a big section of Weir/Lysacek, a sizeable chunk of Weir/Lambiel, the inevitable Weir/Adam Lambert crossovers and then there's all the other skaters in existence floating around together out in the big blue deep. I think I covered the shallows pretty well back in 2010, although I have to say that my tastes have changed a lot since then and some of the sillier recs are less charmingly ridiculous than they are just plain ridiculous, so take them with a grain of salt. Anyway, that's why there's no Weir/Lysacek and very little Weir/Lambiel here even though that's the majority of the fandom. Variety is the spice of life, etc., and also I didn't want to have to reread all those fics to figure out which of them are actually good if you're not in the flush of new-fandom love.

Hearts Beat Time Out, by [ profile] mosca [Johnny Weir/Ben Agosto]
If you like long, plotty fics to help get into a new pairing, start here. If you like short, funny fics to help get into a new pairing, start at the bottom. I feel like this fic is very accessible even though it doesn't really feel like the standard slash fic plot: both POV characters are a little self-contradictory and can alternate between being wishy-washy and being jerks, which is... well, more realistic than the usual Resolute Star-Crossed Lovers schtick. It's a Sexual Awakening Fic but it's not all about homosexual panic, either. Both Tanith and Irina Slutskaya have sizeable roles as well, which I liked. No man is an island, not even drama queen figure skaters!

the badger game, by [ profile] jocondite [Evan Lysacek/Jeff Buttle]
Evan wakes up in bed with Adam Rippon. Hilarity (for the rest of the tour, at Evan's expense) ensues.

The Circle of Acceptable Women, by [ profile] mosca [Meryl Davis/Tanith Belbin]
Figure Skating RPF: femslash edition! I was talking just the other day with [ profile] nahco3 about how female athletes tend to be forcibly closeted less by media hostility and more by the insistence on their invisibility, so it feels very apt to consider a fic speculating about the experiences of Meryl Davis growing up as a very femme lesbian in a sport that polices gender presentation so strictly. Her relationship with Tanith is painted very well but it's almost ancillary, at least to what I get out of the fic.

Nine Lives by anonymous [Stéphane Lambiel/Johnny Weir]
It's a Catwoman AU. Stéphane is Catwoman. It's exactly what you'd expect.

The Advancement of Learning, by [ profile] mosca [mostly Johnny Weir and Stéphane Lambiel friendship fic, with a few hints of Johnny Weir/Ben Agosto]
Scenes from the period when Johnny and Stéphane were training at the same rink. It's a really lovely outsider POV and very funny without being crack.

Done with a day of September Recs before noon? Have I been replaced with a pod person? Hmmm.
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My parents started discussing politics at dinner so I started drinking a lot of wine so the recs are going to be short tonight. Possibly one-word if I can think of a way to pull that off.

I Want To Be Evil by lithiumdoll [various]
This vid is a m a z i n g. Seriously, I watch it over and over again and it never stops being fantastic. The artistic sense pulling together all the disparate sources -- especially in choosing the themes that keep coming back up, the clapping and the apple and Nimueh -- is extraordinary, which I can recognize even though I honestly don't know who half the "evil women" in the vid are.

The Evil Queen (Ms. Mills if You're Nasty) by [ profile] foomatic [Once Upon a Time]
Henry has two moms, the end.

Chain Reaction, by [ profile] kuwdora [Xena: Warrior Princess]
Callisto! I have to admit, I never realized the potential for hatesex in this show until this vid pointed it out. (Xena/Gabrielle OTP until the end of time, though. Actually no, Xena/me OTP until the end of time. Lucy Lawless more like Lucy Flawless amirite amirite.)

I Wanna Go, by Milly [Angelina Jolie films]
ANGELINA JOLIE. Such a cool idea for a vid! And it's really well done -- the moment when the music gets muffled right as Angelina goes into a tunnel gets me every time.

Without Me, by [ profile] sisabet & [ profile] drdawn [Angel]
I. Love. Lilah. Seriously, she was so evil and so HOT. The bit where she's marching out with her evil lawyer cohort at her back... let's just say this vid is pretty old, and I have had it for a very long time on my hard drive, and I still love watching her swagger like it's the first time I'm seeing it.

Again, if you have trouble accessing any of these vids, let me know and I'll upload them for you! I hoard them, because I know they can disappear from the internet with no warning at any time.
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More tropes in hockey fandom! I do love me some genderswap.

Des Plus Brillants Exploits, by [ profile] twentysomething [Malkin/Crosby]
Girl!Sid and Geno at the Vancouver Olympics. Geno's POV is so sweet and sincere that I feel like it shouldn't work, but it does! And all the Ovechkin cameos are gold. (I know I will get yelled at if I don't mention this caveat -- the descriptions of ice dancing are not correct, but if, like me, you don't know anything about ice dance, I'm guessing it won't bother you much.)

I Don't Think You're Ready, by siegeofangels [Crosby gen]
This is everything I wanted in a gen fic about the possibility of women playing in the NHL. Also, I'm kind of in love with PR Katie.

Shake It, by [ profile] hapakitsune [Gallagher/Galchenyuk, Prust/Gallagher/Galchenyuk]
The glorious porn you never knew you wanted about Brandon Prust teaching AGally how to get girl!BGally off. I'm serious. It's glorious.

we set our dreams to carry us, by [ profile] mardia [some gen, some Crosby/Malkin, some Staal/Skinner]
AKA the series where Eric Staal is Erica. Ovi cameos continue to be golden! Predictably, I just really want Erica to rob Jeff's cradle blind.

rule 604(a), by puckling [various]
I think this one is very interesting conceptually; it's a series of micro-fics all written around the theme of contraception.

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I loved this movie. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. Explosions! Giant robots! Idris Elba! Raleigh falling all over himself at how awesome Mako is! What is not to love, seriously. (Actually I hated the dudebro scientist, so, that. And obviously Chuck, but we were supposed to hate him, it barely counts. OTHERWISE.) SO GREAT. Have some fic!

those who run with wolves, by epistolic [Kaidonovskys]
One way Sasha and Aleksis meet: in the Jaeger program, and with a healthy dose of hostility. I LOVE THE RUSSIANS. Fandom has been so great about writing them backstory.

Heeding the Call, by marchingjaybird [Kaidonovskys]
Another way Sasha and Aleksis meet: in Moscow, before the kaiju attacks. Sasha is a boxer! Aleksis is a farmer's cuckoo child who wants to be an engineer! And they fall in love and it's beautiful and perfect yes more of this please.

Girls Night, by snack_size [Sasha and Mako]
Sasha teaches Mako about the pleasures of female rituals. I WILL READ A MILLION FICS ABOUT FEMALE FRIENDSHIP AND THIS IS SO GREAT.

Pacific Swim, by Pocket Aimee [gen ensemble]
The cartoon where nobody dies, they're just lost somewhere out to sea. COMRADE SQUID >>>> EVERYTHING.

Reconstruction Site, by disco_vendetta [Mako/Raleigh]
I read this before I even saw the movie, said "yes, perfect, OTP" and have yet to find anything that supplants its place in my heart. You guys, Raleigh loves Mako soooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuch.

I have a huge soft spot for Team Hot Dads but I haven't found any really good fic for them yet! If you've got suggestions, please let me know. ;)
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Ahhh, tropes in hockey fandom, my old nemesis, we meet again! I decided not to get too specific on this one, although I think it is actually possible to dig up five separate recs for specifically "got drunk!married in Vegas" which probably tells you more about hockey fandom than it doesn't. So just plain old marriage fic for today!

Playing for Keeps, by marycontraire [Briere/Giroux]
The one where Danny and Claude decide to get married and it's not really a big deal. I loved that there was no major drama but the little problems that cropped up felt true-to-life, especially Claude's uncertainty over it being Danny's second marriage. (I also love love love how this author writes Danny's kids.) And the way their teammates finally find out is absolutely perfect.

at the end of all your lines, by Lake [Carter/Richards]
I couldn't not include at least one drunk!married in Vegas fic, come on, and this is my favorite. Carts and Richie wake up married and decide not to do anything about it, because they're lazy and bad at feelings! And then are cruelly separated by the trade and pine for each other! And then are reunited to live together forever in wedded bliss! It's kind of refreshing to see a fic where the drunken marriage isn't consummated right away but isn't ignored either; they might not be doing anything about being married, but they don't pretend it never happened, either.

you're the apple to my pie, by daisysusan [Hall/Eberle]
My incompetent baby Oilers, I love them so! This may be me playing favorites but I love how drama-free this fic is. They decide to get married! So they get married! Schmoop ensues! It's basically the Platonic form of marriage fic. And I know they're young and dumb and it's probably a terrible idea but whatever, plenty of athletes marry their high school sweethearts and stay together forever I BELIEVE THESE KIDS CAN MAKE IT WORK. (I have a lot of feelings about Hallsy and Ebs. Just... don't ask.)

oh what a thing to do, by ellot [Carter/Richards]
Believe it or not, I had to seriously winnow things down to only have two Carts/Richie stories on this list. Fandom likes to get them married A LOT. (Art imitates life, etc.) Technically this is marriage proposal fic rather than marriage fic but whatever, I do what I want and every scenario (the fic is four different ways Carts and Richie proposed to each other) is heart-warmingly adorable.

Marry Me A Little, by bessyboo & thisissirius [Kane/Toews]
Don't click on this unless you have A LOT of free time to devote to reading, it's ridiculously long. It's also really hyper-dramatic and only makes sense if you apply soap opera logic (Kaner is getting traded! Tazer can only prevent this by MARRYING HIM! Despite both being madly enough with each other AND MARRIED neither of them can nut up enough to mention it!) but I love romance novels so I enjoy it. If you don't enjoy romance novels, uh, maybe give this one a pass. (If you don't enjoy romance novels, what the hell is wrong with you? Romance novels are the greatest.)
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recs soon, I promise! in the meantime, I wrote a thing??? it's been a while, I'm not sure how this goes anymore. but god, only a monster could watch that gif of Rafa nuzzling Novak's shoulder after whatever Novak whispered in his ear and not feel inspired. (I have watched that gif... an alarming number of times now.)

6-2, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 )
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I am getting to the requested themes, I swear! Slowly. (Plenty of days left in the month if you want to suggest something else as well, because I'm capable of thinking up lots of themes but if I'm left to my own devices they're mostly going to be either hockey or vids.) This particular set was requested by [ profile] kfunk22, and I'll be the first to admit I'm not really big into Inception (aside from watching L.E.S Artistes about a million times SOMEONE TIE THAT VIDDER UP AND MAKE HER VID MORE I AM A HUGE FAN), but I have braved the wilds of the AO3 and [ profile] vidding to bring you some Inception recs about ladies: let us all be grateful I escaped the Fireswamp of Arthur/Eames AUs alive. (I don't hate Inception or Arthur/Eames, I swear! There's just... a lot of it...)

Gravity, by [ profile] shinealightonme [Mal]
A beautiful vid about a very mysterious woman. This movie had such great cinematography; there should be more vids out there!

i am the hero of this story (don't need to be saved), by electrumqueen [Mal/Cobb]
What if Mal was right all along?

Presque Vu, by rageprufrock [Arthur+Mal, Arthur/Eames]
This is cheating because it's primarily an Arthur/Eames fic, but Arthur's relationship with Mal is so fascinating and central to the story that I wanted to include it anyway. In the movie it seems like Arthur is doing everything for Cobb; this fic (which is a monster, fair warning) is predicated on the assumption that Arthur was Mal's friend first.

take the long way home (soft as the radio), by [ profile] gyzym [Ariadne/Yusuf, Arthur/Eames]
The one where Ariadne takes pictures of everything but doesn't realize what she's seeing in her viewfinder.

Hotel, by [ profile] kaydeefalls [Ariadne]
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I don't rec vids as much as I do fic, so a lot of you probably don't know that I am an obsessive fan of vidding. If you are in my physical vicinity and I have my laptop, iPad or phone I will sit you down and force you to watch vids with me for any fandom you show even the slightest interest in. I think vidding is such an amazing art form! And one thing that I think that vids can convey, maybe more artistically and definitely more succinctly than any other medium, is criticism of the source material. With that in mind, today's set of recs are all vids that talk back.

Women's Work, by [ profile] sisabet and Luminosity [Supernatural]
One of the great classics of vidding, and much beloved (for good reason!) by academics who work on remix culture. I still remember when this vid came out; I was a very uncritical fan of Supernatural at the time, and watching Women's Work for the first time was definitely a wake-up call. Let's just say that I can't rewatch the early seasons of Supernatural anymore. (warning for a lot of violence against women)

…on the dancefloor, by sloanesomething [Star Trek Reboot]
I loved the first reboot movie to death, I saw it in theaters three or four times, but man, it was so shitty about women. And Into Darkness was even worse. This vid is a really eloquent summation of my feelings on the subject.

How Much Is That Geisha In The Window?, by [ profile] lierdumoa [Firefly]
I genuinely had never even thought about racism in the context of Firefly until I watched this vid. You had better believe I think about it now. Every time I read the text at the end of the vid I start tearing up.

White America, by anonymous [Buffy, Veronica Mars, Supernatural]
A controversial selection! Nobody can really tell what this vid is trying to say -- or if it's trying to say any one thing at all. Is it about racism? Censorship? Is it criticizing the source material, or the fans for ignoring the flaws? I agree with some of the criticism of the vid in that it doesn't seem to have a single strong, coherent message, but at the same time, it's still a tremendously compelling piece of art. Watch it and see what you think it's trying to say! (warning for violence)

Bad Things, by niyalune [Teen Wolf]
Teen Wolf: a show in which teenagers are continually threatened, frightened, physically assaulted and sexually harassed by adults, many of whom are supposed to be trusted authority figures. It would be a great commentary on the rape culture our children are growing up in if I thought that the show runners were doing it on purpose; as it is, it's just incredibly creepy. (warning for violence)

I hope all the links are working, but if you have trouble accessing any of the vids, just let me know about I will upload a copy for you!
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I actually had a great day today -- I got to see [ profile] distira and[ profile] idhren24! -- but I also managed to fall up an escalator and now my knee really hurts, so we're going with a feel-good rec set today. These stories aren't necessarily funny, but they're all written with a sense of humor that, well, makes me smile! I would apologize for it being hockey fic again, but... that's the fandom I'm in right now, so just deal with it, I guess? Super short notes because I really want to finish rereading The Outlaws of Sherwood for the millionth time and go to sleep already.

Flip Shut, Hang Up, by [ profile] thehoyden and [ profile] twentysomething
Alex Ovechkin's POV is a gift to us all. As are his musical selections.

Closed Fracture, by lightgetsin
Found family is the best theme in the world and I would happily read a million fics about Mario being Sid's dad. GO WRITE MORE ABOUT MARIO BEING SID'S DAD, FANDOM. MY BRUISED KNEES DEMAND IT.

We Should Get Jerseys ('Cause We Make A Good Team), by [ profile] svmadelyn
Abby Sharp is the best Sharp.

do it like they do on the discovery channel, by hazel
I'm only here for the descriptions of Kaner's vintage eighties porn tbh.

Tour de Force, by [ profile] thehoyden
Secret novelist Kaner, aka the fic that made me start reading in hockey fandom. [ profile] thehoyden has so much to answer for.

Also, I cannot in good faith recommend the Hallsy/Ebs fanvid set to a Taylor Swift song, but. It definitely makes me smile.
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Flist, I write to you tonight having wined and dined to delicious excess at a very expensive restaurant, so what better topic for the day's recs could there be than food? (Also this was the only set I had finished already. Shhh.) Everybody loves food! It's a win-win.

Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property, by helenish (Harry Potter, Draco/Neville)
If you haven't read this fic already, I don't know what to tell you. It's probably my favorite of all time? I think it's become more meaningful now that I'm older and actually do cook a bit; I loved it the first time I read it, but I identify a lot more with Draco's character arc now and the way he finds independence for the first time in becoming essentially a housewife. Cooking and cleaning and other kinds of "women's work" get a bad rap, and I certainly wouldn't want that as a full-time job, but there really is something liberating about being able to do all those things, and it's a tremendous demonstration of love to do them for someone else.

Cupboard Love, by mklutz (Teen Wolf, Stiles/Derek)
Another Teen Wolf fic that has been AU'd into acceptability, don't worry! The main plot is pretty standard romcom fare, but I really love the role that cooking plays in both Stiles' characterization (he cooks to feel close to his dead mother) and the story. And the descriptions of the food itself... don't read this fic while you're hungry, all I'm saying.

I've Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile (The Only Living Boy in New York) by gyzym (Inception, Arthur/Eames)
Yes, it's the AU where Eames runs a coffeeshop and Arthur is a miserable junior lawyer who stress-bakes! If, like me, you have an enormous sweet tooth, the descriptions of baked goods in this fic will be your downfall. I WANT TO EAT IT ALL.

savoy truffle, by hazel and ellievolia (Hockey RPF, Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews)
Ahahahaha Kaner is a secret baker, I have nothing, leave me to my shame.

Settling In, by [ profile] nahco3 (Football RPF, Patrice Evra/Park Ji-Sung)
It only took me six days to weasel some footie into this project, nobody is surprised. :P This fic is a little different from the rest of the set because it's not about cooking per se, but food still plays an important role in the settling in (haha see what I did there? OH GOD I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP BEFORE I PUN AGAIN) of characters who have been displaced from their homes and are in the process of finding a new home in each other. (Oh lawd that sounds so pretentious. I'M SORRY, IT'S LATE.) Like, there's something really meaningful to me about sharing not just food but your food with another person. I don't know, I'm not very good at articulating this, it's related somehow to why learning to make latkes was so important to me and I make them for every friend I can even though they are the most horrifically messy food imaginable, tl;dr FOOD IS IMPORTANT, SHARE YOUR FOOD WITH YOUR LOVED ONES.

I LOVE FOOD, I don't know if you've noticed yet. Maybe at some point this month I'll do a rec post of delicious recipes that even a broke as fuq kitchen incompetent like me can manage! It's a thought.
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It really should not be this difficult for me to pick out five fics about Eric Staal. \o/ [ profile] mardia requested this, so any and all blame falls on her doorstep! Also, I am really alarmingly mono-ship about EStaal (to the point where I sort of irrationally dislike Sasha Semin SOLELY BECAUSE PEOPLE SHIP HIM WITH ERIC) and therefore you're not going to find anything but Staal/Skinner on this list: you have been warned. (JEFF is allowed to date whoever he likes, though, and in fact I encourage him to acquire sexual experience with multiple partners, preferably including Actual Swedish Prince of My Heart Gabe Landeskog. The part of my brain responsible for shipping is a dark and scary place.) With these disclaimers solidly in place, on to the list!

the chatfic where Eric is Jeff's babydaddy, by [ profile] shoemaster & [ profile] go_gentle
If you only read one ridiculous, sprawling, epic chatfic in your life, make it this one. (Or, uh, maybe the one where Ebs and Hallsy go on an accidental couples vacation, I would need to search my soul A LOT before picking a favorite.) I love everything this fic chooses to be. The degree to which Eric pines for someone he has ALREADY KNOCKED UP is astronomical and yet perfect. Also perfect: the degree to which he lives in fear of all parental units and their reaction to the fact that he knocked up a teenager. (Shout-out to Enough To Crush Your Veins, because sometimes when I'm feeling down I go back and reread all the parts about Jeff's mom hating Eric and cackle to myself. Parental hatred is so good for me.) MOST PERFECT: ALL THE DOMESTICITY, FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN.

Essentials, by lightgtsin
Ahahaha speaking of domesticity. Clearly I have a pattern.

I Think That It's Best If We Both Stay, by [ profile] distira
Written for me, written for me, my objectivity is nil because this was written for meeeeeeeeeee! And it's beautiful and perfect and full of fabulously unsexy details of athlete life. And seriously, why IS it that everyone writes AUs where Jeff never makes it in the NHL, but this is the only one where Eric's the one who washed out somewhere along the way? I call shenanigans.

Call It A Draw, by [ profile] rsadelle

If Heaven's Hypothetical, by [ profile] impertinence & [ profile] shoemaster
Y'all didn't really think I was going to leave this one out, did you? PERSONAL FAVE. I sincerely doubt anyone who's ever heard of hockey fandom hasn't at least seen this fic, but if you've been holding off on the "Jeff is homeless" AU because you're afraid it's going to be unavoidably sketchy, let me reassure you that it is beautiful and wonderful and not in the least dubcon-y. (At least in my opinion? Obviously your mileage may vary but I think it's handled as gracefully as possible.) And god, the payoff for all that pining is glorious.
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